The Varicose Vein procedures took less than two hours total and required only local anesthesia.

B.C., San Antonio

“I had the procedure done on a Friday and was back at my construction job on Monday.”

Greater Saphenous vein laser ablation, left Hunter’s perforator ligation, and miniphlebectomy on 10/24/2012

Growing up, B.C. noticed that his grandmother had varicose veins in her legs and assumes that his were hereditary. He is in his early 40s and works in construction—asphalt and concrete—and spends most of his time on his feet. He describes himself as a big guy, being 6 ft. 5 inches tall and weighing 230 pounds.

“I have a few varicose veins,” B.C. says, “but one of them made me very self-conscious about my appearance. I always tried to wear long shorts to cover it up and make it less noticeable, but it snaked across my leg from my inner thigh to the knee and down the front of my leg.”

B.C.’s primary care physician referred him to Dr. Robert Thompson at Veintec. B.C.’s stepmother had been treated at Veintec, so B.C. was familiar with the clinic. Dr. Thompson closed the vein in the thigh to stop the reverse flow of blood (greater Saphenous vein laser ablation), removed all the bulging veins (miniphlebectomy) and tied off another vein that was not functioning properly (left Hunter’s perforator ligation). B.C. said the procedures took less than two hours total and required only local anesthesia. He wore a special stocking for a few days after the treatment as the areas healed.

He said he experienced some bruising, but was looking great by the time he and his wife and daughter left three weeks later for a Caribbean cruise. Now, he’s referred his sister-in-law to Veintec.

“I had no apprehension about the procedures because I wanted to get them done. I probably should have gone to Veintec a lot sooner.”

  • The three procedures were performed at the Veintec clinic.
  • Received the treatment on Friday and was back at work—in construction—on Monday.
  • No longer self-conscious about the way his leg looks when he wears shorts.

Below is an interview with B.C. and Dr. Thompson.