Medtronic's VenaSeal™

VenaSeal™ Treatment: San Antonio

Veintec Offers the Newest Advance in this new, revolutionary Varicose Vein treatment with Medtronic’s VenaSeal™.
VenaSeal™ Offers a less invasive treatment, no needle sticks to administer local anesthesia and no need to wear uncomfortable compression stockings. This treatment is best suited for patients with large, bulging varicose veins.

Nearly two decades ago the doctors at Veintec began offering the EVLT procedure that revolutionized varicose vein treatment. Replacing the much-maligned “vein stripping” technique, EVLT (also known as LASE) involved the use of laser energy to seal the incompetent saphenous vein in the leg (the source of most varicose veins) with a single needle puncture to introduce the laser fiber into the vein. For the first time, the large varicose veins could be treated in the comfort of an office with less risk, minimal pain, and prompt return to work and normal activity.

Veintec offers the newest advance
in varicose vein treatment: Glue

The same adhesive glue commonly used to insert artificial joints into arthritic knees and hips has been reformulated by the Medtronic company into VenaSeal which can now be injected into that same incompetent saphenous vein through a catheter with a single needle puncture. The technique is similar to the EVLT procedure, except that no additional local anesthesia or compression stocking is required! Extensive trials in the U.S. and Europe have shown the procedure to be equally as safe and effective as the EVLT procedure with very favorable patient experience. VenaSeal has been approved for clinical use in the U.S. and recently received acceptance for insurance coverage by Medicare with the appropriate indications.

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