Spider Veins

Spider Vein Treatment: San Antonio

Varying in size, spider veins can appear as short and unconnected lines, or they may make patterns resembling a spider’s web or a burst. These veins may require spider vein treatments.


The procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, consists of injecting the spider veins with a solution that causes an irritation in the inner wall of the vein with the resulting collapse of the vein. Spider veins are visible because of blood in the dilated vein. When the vein is collapsed, it no longer carries blood and is therefore, no longer visible.

A single area may have to be injected more than once (1 to 2 weeks apart) depending on the size of the vein, in order to gain the desired results. In any one treatment session a number of vessels may be injected.

The fading process is gradual with treated veins fading slowly up to several months after the last treatment. Each vein may respond differently. Some will thin and narrow, some will disappear, some will stay open and need to be re-injected, while some will become clotted with blood. These clots will be removed during your next spider veins treatments session to improve the results.

Spider veins are often associated with reticular veins that feed them. Adequate treatment may require that these reticular veins be treated first.

What can I expect after my Spider Vein Treatments?

No anesthesia is required for spider vein sclerotherapy and support stockings are not generally needed. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after your spider vein treatments, though we recommend the avoidance of sun and the use of sunblock on the treated area.

Important Benefits of Spider Vein Treatment

  • Little to no down time – quick recovery
  • Minimally painless procedures
  • Immediate relief from symptoms
  • Noticeable results

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