Dr. Robert K. Thompson, Board Certified Vascular Surgeon discusses the Veintec Difference

Veintec Difference

Spring Branch, TX Vein Treatment-Vascular, Spider, Reticular

With over thirty years of experience treating venous disease and the underlying causes, Veintec Spring Branch’s board-certified vascular surgeons are uniquely qualified to treat your legs. The physicians at Veintec Varicose Vein Clinics are a local group of highly respected, dedicated, board-certified vascular surgeons. Because Veintec physicians are board-certified vascular surgeons dedicated to treating only venous diseases, they have the most experience and most expertise to diagnose the underlying causes of reticular, spider and varicose veins. The doctors develop a treatment plan for you that is comprehensive—not just cosmetic.

Why the Veintec Difference Matters?

As board certified vascular surgeons, Veintec’s doctors are uniquely trained to treat all phases of vascular disease.

Established in 1988, Veintec’s clinic brings 30 years of experience treating only veins to your case.

Veintec physicians only use the latest technology and equipment so you can be 100% confident you are receiving the most current treatment methods.

Veintec clinics are owned and operated by board certified vascular surgeons.

Results matter – Veintec patients are pleased with their results. Having beautiful, healthy legs allows our patients to return to their active lifestyles with confidence.

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