How We Treat

Don’t put up with the discomfort and embarrassment of Varicose Veins, Reticular Veins, or Spider Veins. Our Vein Clinics can help give you back healthy veins and beautiful legs.

Veintec Vein Clinics Can Give You Healthy Veins and Beautiful Legs!

Veintec Varicose Vein Clinics of Texas, Mexico and Chile combines the experience of Board Certified Vascular Surgeons with the latest in Truncal Varicose Vein treatments, Reticular Vein treatments, Spider Vein treatments, and related disorders.

The Veintec Vein Clinics Difference

Veintec offers advanced vein treatments in state-of-the-art medical facilities owned and operated by trained vascular surgeons, with additional training in the latest invasive and non-invasive procedures for treating diseases of the veins. Our vein clinics staff of specialists have extensive experience in treating varicose veins, reticular veins, spider veins and other unsightly, and sometimes painful venous disease.

Excellent Care and Comfort

Our vein clinics are designed to create a spa-like environment. Our experienced team of vascular surgeons and nurses is dedicated to excellent care and your overall comfort. We know how to put you at ease while recommending the best treatments for varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins. Our vascular surgeons specialize in healthy veins and beautiful legs.

Veintec provides its technologically advanced medical services through a network of vein clinics. Our Texas clinics include San Antonio, and Dallas. We also have three Mexico vein clinics in Monterrey, Obregon and Hermosillo. The Santiago, Chile vein clinic joined Veintec in 2003 and became the first varicose vein clinic in South America, and the first of our vein clinics outside of the United States.

More clinics will be opening in the United States and internationally, offering the signature skills of our vascular surgeons to alleviate the unsightly conditions of varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins to more and more people.

We look forward to giving you pain-free Healthy Veins and Beautiful Legs!

To speak with a Vein Treatment Clinics Representative, you can either; click here to Contact Us by email, click here to Schedule Your Consultation, or call us at (866) 570-6584. We look forward to the opportunity of giving you back your youthful Healthy Veins and Beautiful Legs!