Reticular Vein Treatments

Reticular veins, also known as feeder veins, are the dilated blue and green veins beneath the skin surface. These veins may need reticular vein treatments.

Sclerotherapy or Miniphlebectomy, depending on size of the affected veins, are the reticular vein treatments of choice.


If your veins are unsightly or uncomfortable, they can be treated by injecting a solution that will cause them to either disappear or become much smaller. This procedure is called sclerotherapy. Both spider veins and large veins can be treated with Sclerotherapy.


Miniphlebectomy is a procedure that can be used on small and large veins as an alternative to sclerotherapy in the treatment of reticular veins. In this procedure, tiny pinpoint holes are made with a needle about the size of one that is used for drawing blood. Using specialized instruments, segments of the vein can be removed through these openings. The tiny openings heal with nearly invisible scars that are quite cosmetically acceptable. Usually prolonged stocking use is not necessary with this procedure. The procedure is done under local anesthetic and down time is minimal.

Important Benefits of Reticular Vein Treatment

• Minimally invasive treatments performed in-clinic
• Local anesthesia
• Little to no down time – quick recovery
• Painless procedures
• Immediate relief from symptoms
• Noticeable results

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